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Saturday Knights


Gig-poster made from their logo and some digital art.

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Workshop Poster

Poster for a workshop named “341”. I was requested to create “smileys” resembling

the three ladies who were in charge of the event. I also made the logo.

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Summer-job poster.

This is a poster I made for “Gävle Kommun” and their summer job offering to teenagers who

were interested in music, dancing, circus and other art forms.

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Release Party Poster

This poster was made to match the album cover of their, then, newly released album.

I also re-designed the hellennium for this album with a more “metal” touch.

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"Drive In Dance"

Event Poster

A poster I made for an event. As the customer asked for a “Kurbits” style I went with that

and made the background hint about the kurbits and also implemented it in the actual logo.

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Tour Poster

This is one of the tour-posters I made for the show “TMND”.

TMND was a comic-book superhero inspired dance-show so for the poster I made the dancers

a “box” each displaying the superpowers they were expressing in their show.

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