David O'Neill

Born: 84.06.02
Family: Wife Erika, cats Eddie and April.
Hobbies: Music & drawing comics.

So, whats to say about me…
Well, I’m a musician/webdesigner/digital artist/producer in my best years.

I live in Stockholm with my wife, Erika and our two cats Ed and April.
I do all sorts of “artsy” work ranging from designing websites to drawing comics to working as a sound-technician.
On my spare time i rehearse and have gigs with my bands, Hellennium and Saturday Knights and when I have
time for it I like to go to concerts, festivals and art-events. I often end up working on my wifes projects aswell,
as she is a proffessional dancer/choreographer she often needs my musician-skills and/or producer-assistance.
Participating in her projects have taken me all the way from Sweden to Iceland and even
India and as I enjoy variated work where I have to use my head, theese projects are really rewarding to me.

I’m not quite sure what else to say about me, so I guess you can send me a message if you’d like to know something more…

Have a really nice day!